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Join Kelly for a free #photoinspired writing workshop at the "coolest Islanders Write ever" August 12, 2019 Martha's Vineyard

“IW workshops are sprinkled throughout Monday. They are very cool, fast-paced, and user-friendly events. For example, you can get fired up on Monday at 8 am as Judith Hannan helps you get your writer on, hook up with Niki Patton’s popular writing Slams, join Justin Ahren on how to get your writing going, or Jean Stone on where to get your writing going, Kelly DuMar on how to use personal photos as a prose and poetry muse (Really good idea. Would we have thought of that ourselves?), Bella Morais on navigating literary Twitter — making a statement in 280 characters — and Mathea Morais on how to style a query letter for best results.” ~ Martha’s Vineyard Times

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