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My Photo is Published in 3Elements Review


I have a photo published in this issue of 3Elements Literary Review, and I hope you'll be inspired to write from the prompt I'm offering (below) after taking a look at the photo. 

This is the second time I've had photography featured in this theme-based literary journal, and I really like their concept. Every quarter they invite submissions of poetry, prose, fiction, photos and art - inspired by one or all of the 3 elements they choose for that quarter. The idea is that the elements inspire new creative works, or breathe new life into already existing ones. 

When I saw their call on the elements of Peppermint, Breach and Scale, I searched #mydailywalk photos for one that might fit. I found a favorite picture I'd taken on a long walk along the Atlantic coast of Florida between St. Augustine and Daytona beaches when I was presenting at a writing conference for the International Women's Writing Guild last March. The heroic potential of the bright red (empty) chairs, standing in a line down the sandy beach awakened my imagination. And, this photo seemed to fit the element of "scale."  

I used the photo as a writing prompt for a class I was teaching, "How Photos Heal," that inspired some powerful writing for my students when I suggested they imagine who, or what, was in the empty chair. After you have a look at my photo on page 15 in 3Elements Literary Review, here's the prompt you can write from:
Empty Chair Writing Prompt: 

Who’s in your chair?
This is a picture of a bold and awesome chair – heroically poised with a singular purpose: Safety & Rescue.
The Empty Chair Technique in psychodrama (and Gestalt therapy), is when a director asks a protagonist to speak/address someone (or something) AS IF (surplus reality) she/he/it is sitting in the chair, in real time.
For this prompt, I invite you to imagine or address a real LIFEGUARD/LIFESAVER in your life who is sitting in this chair. Write as if you are speaking directly to this LIFESAVER, whoever she or he may be. Alternatively, you may write FROM the empty chair, in the role of the LIFESAVER or LIFEGUARD, as if she or he or “it” is addressing you, in the first person, here and now.

And, consider submitting your writing or art for their next issue, with the three elements:

You can submit to 3ELEMENTS LITERARY REVIEW here

Delusion Blueprint Fisherman
Due October 31, 2017, for winter issue, no. 18. 

All photos and text copyright Kelly DuMar 2017