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Places of Origin & Her Loaf, Half Baked Published in Crab Fat Literary Magazine

Two of my short prose pieces about childhood memories of grandparents, imperfect and un-charming, Places of Origin and Her Loaf, Half-Baked, are published in the December issue of Crab Fat. You can read both pieces online here.

They let you eat cake on White Pond Road

. . . I make trip after trip across the piazza in front of all the mothers and fathers and grandparents, helping myself, plating slab after slab in my hand, to the yard, melting every leftover rose on my tongue, caring so much for a cake everyone has forgotten, I feel queasy and crawl with my ache, my rose blue lips, onto my mother’s lap. . .
— http://www.crabfat.com/article/kellydumar