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My Interview about Tree of the Apple is featured on the Carpe Noctem Blog



Poet Nicole Rollender, who edits the Carpe Noctem Blog, just interviewed me about my new chapbook of poetry and prose, Tree of the Apple. I really enjoyed answering her probing questions about what kind of world I was trying to create in shaping my chapbook and about how my poetry process works and much more. 

Here's an excerpt - I hope you'll read the interview here

What were you trying to achieve with your book?
I wanted to feel close to my father every day I was losing him to Alzheimer’s. Also, because he was smart and funny and brave and tender and hopeful and appreciative – and he fought back hard against losing what he loved, and I admired him for that even when it made caretaking scary and tough.
I wrote poetry as a way to understand what he was trying to tell us after he lost his words – his caretakers, friends, and loved ones. Also, his “wrong” words activated my poetic imagination with fresh, startling metaphors and point of view.