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Two of My Nature Photos are Featured in "Prayers for the Planet" Issue of Young Ravens Literary Review

I'm honored to have two of #mydailywalk nature photos featured in Issue 6 of Young Ravens Literary Review - an issue themed "Prayers for the Planet" - I hope you'll have a look at what they've included in this issue's inspiration, about which they say: 

"In a time of environmental degradation and societal unrest, the artists and poets of Young Ravens gather around proverbial creative fires to send up prayers for this irreplaceable planet.
A silver river runs through all these works, and it is this: even the most mundane experience with nature opens the observer to an encounter with the magical, the numinous, the eternal. The gulls of Jenn Powers’s “Salt Water” and Ahrend Torrey’s “Recognizing Eternity” preside over this issue, inviting readers to embark on this sparkling expanse and soak in nature’s glories. Other artists explore the nature of our relationships with each other. In “The Universe is Yours,” Vivian Wagner thanks Emily for reminding her how to be grounded in the present and appreciate the shining now."

You can read the issue and view my images, "Seed Pod in Winter," and "Milkweed Bird" here.