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Pickup Playback Theatre, Racial Justice Training & Higher Education

A year ago I had the unique opportunity to join a Playback Theatre diversity training program for graduate school faculty led by Nisha Sajnani. As member of this "pickup" Playback Troupe, (a small group of us assembled specifically for these faculty trainings), I had the chance to enact faculty stories about racial justice in higher education, facilitated by Nisha for graduate faculty at Lesley University. Recently, an insightful and informational blog about this enlightening program was published by Nisha and her collaborator, Amanda Wager, on Playback Theatre Reflects - An independent blog for writing on Playback Theatre, curated by Jo Salas.

Below is an excerpt from this article, and to read the entire blog, go here

"Gaps, Complicities, and Connections: Stories from a Movement Towards Racial Justice in Higher Education," by Nisha Sajnani and Amanda Wager

In Playback Theatre we refer to “the red thread,” the connection that can emerge between spontaneously told stories–not simply a theme, but a kind of dialogue between the stories themselves. We are seeing a red thread emerge in this blog, a conversation about Playback Theatre’s capacities and responsibilities in relation to participation, inclusiveness, and social justice. This new article from Nisha Sajnani and Amanda Wager continues the red thread, looking at a sequence of performances exploring racial justice on an American university campus.

Nisha is the incoming Director of the Drama Therapy program at New York University and the principal editor of Drama Therapy Review. Amanda is an educator, researcher, and an Assistant Professor at Lesley University. See full bios following the article.

Below is an excerpt from this article, and to read the entire blog, go here