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Two of my Dreamy Charles River images published in Fall 2018 issue of deLuge

To read the issue go  here

To read the issue go here

I have two pieces of visual art featured in this dreamy new issue of deLuge - two images of the Charles River inspired by #MyDailyWalk in this easy to peruse online journal, pages 14 & 15. Two dreamy seasons of the river, very moody: moments on the river I was so blessed to capture. Hope you'll have a look at this lovely journal. To read issue 4.1, go here.

"deLuge is an online literary and arts journal devoted to the wealth of creativity that arises from dreams - directly or indirectly - and from the deeply felt / experienced life.

We present works that catches the breath, that resonates like the low hum of a bass cello. Work that dazzles slant or straight on, that brings us to epiphany, to the cliff's edge or that rises through quiet presence.

However each piece sings, we hope that it leaves you feeling the reverb long after each note finishes."