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Have a look at Talking Writing Magazine

When I walk daily in the trees, the meadow, swamp or sand or mud or grass I take pictures of what arrests my attention, what I wonder about, the organic beauty I behold. Pictures compose themselves. The woods and beaches on any day of every season are full of nature's spontaneous art. When Jennifer Jean contacted me about using some of my nature photos for the next issue of Talking Writing Magazine (she's managing editor) I said sure. She had some wonderful poems for this Science and Society themed issue, and she was looking for some specific images. Lovely, for me, to wander through my daily nature photos, knowing a lucky few would have a place and a purpose beside someone else's exquisite writing. The issue just launched. You can read it, AND listen to it, and look at it, here and see my photos sprinkled happily in and around the poetry.

Here's one of the entries I really like, Moths in the Kitchen, by Ellen McGrath Smith, (art is “Phyllira Tiger Moth” © Janel Houton) Listen!