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Briana Templeton as ENVIA! New Ideas Festival, Toronto

Briana Templeton as ENVIA! New Ideas Festival, Toronto


Every child is an artist until [s]he's told [s]he's not an artist.

~ John Lennon

I love this John Lennon quote. I saw it in a Facebook, on the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association's status this morning, and it's the perfect quote to express why I wrote my quirky, creative character, ENVIA!, her own one-woman show. Because ENVIA!, from the moment she was conceived, is an artist who trusts her creative impulses, and she never lets the critical voices of others dampen her need to express her originality in every situation she encounters. 

ENVIA! hasn't been performed in awhile, but I revived one of her monologues, "Your Casting Call," to use as a live example in my monologue workshop last weekend at the 3rd Annual IWWG Boston Writing From Your Life Retreat, and, for the fun of it, I'm sharing the script of this short monologue with you below. KEEP READING HERE

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