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Your Pictures As Poetry & Prose: 4 Week Webinar with Kelly Starts Tues. May 8!

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"Kelly is a delight to work with and her workshop "Writing Truth and Beauty" was a big hit at our April 2018 Riverwood Poetry event. She did an extraordinary job guiding our new and experienced writers into thinking deeply about their personal photos. With her guidance, our participants wrote pages of raw material and others completed the first draft of a new poem."

~ Brittany Mishra, Writer

Maple Wings

Maple Wings

Our photo streams show what we care about and hope to preserve, what moves and mystifies us, the people, places and experiences that bring meaning into our lives. In this workshop, we’ll write poetically from personal photos that arrest our attention and unpack why they do. Writing poetry from photos allows us to express the truth of what we feel - and know - and haven’t said, as we capture the beauty and deeper meaning of an image in words. We’ll shape images into poems that reveal our personalities, identity relationships and creativity. Please bring photos to work from!

My Writing Truth & Beauty process guides you to explore the unspoken world of your images. By asking yourself questions, you’ll generate remarkable raw material that reveals insight and emotion you can shape into beautiful, original writing.  You’ll start by sharing a photo with other participants, saying why you chose it, then answering questions to generate your raw material. After that, you’ll craft a first draft you can share if you choose. Then we’ll explore ideas and suggestions for revision.

Writing Truth & Beauty from personally chosen helps you:

1.    Overcome fear of the blank page by using a concrete structure for moving into the abstract

2.   Discover meaning – grasp personal and universal truths

3.   Express the unspoken or unexpressed feelings or ideas at the heart of the photo

4.   Reflect on significant rites of passage

5.    Gain insight from your personal stories

6.   Discover and share your values

7.   Acknowledge how resilient you are

8.   Discover The Secret Reveal:

·      A truth you didn’t know you knew

·      A new idea about an old belief

·      A transformative personal revelation or insight that allows you to live more meaningfully

·      Something you have been unable to see/express/articulate that leads you to a new way of knowing yourself or others and changes your response to the community/world


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