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Literary Submission Resources for Women Writers - A Webinar Recording & Resource Packet is Available!

On August 26, I had the opportunity to be a member of a submission panel webinar, hosted by the International Women's Writing Guild, "How to Get Your Work Out Into the World," and we're hoping the information, support, guidance and resources offered to women writers about submitting poetry, prose, fiction and creative nonfiction, will gain a wider audience. As Arielle Silver, one of the panelists, and a former editor of Lunch Ticket shared,

"We women should be submitting and whatever that means, whether we're receiving acceptances or declines. . . women for all the ages have been silenced and we have stories to be told and be heard. . . and we need to get our work out into the world."

The recording of our expert panel, as well as a detailed and helpful resource packet are available for purchase through IWWG. This panel featured literary editors and writers Arielle Silver, Donna Baier Stein, founder and editor or Tiferet, and Kathryn Kulpa, an editor of Cleaver, as well as myself, Kelly DuMar, a poet, playwright and IWWG board member, and was moderated by IWWG creative director, Marj Hahne.

This recording and resource packet is an invaluable, hefty, expert way for you to begin or enhance your submission process! To purchase, contact Marj at IWWGquestions@IWWG.org today! It's only $25 for IWWG members, and $35 for nonmembers. Included in the Resource Package, you'll receive:

Submission Panel: How to Get Your Words Out Into the World: Part 1: Literary Journals.”

  1. Webinar Recording

  2. Chat Room

  3. Q&A

  4. Links to websites mentioned by panelists: databases/lists of literary magazines

  5. Other good websites with writer resources and articles about submitting your work, receiving rejections, etc.

Your Panelists, seasoned submitters and literary-journal editors:

Arielle Silver:  www.ariellesilver.com

Donna  Baier Stein:  https://donnabaierstein.com

Kathryn Kulpa:  www.kathrynkulpa.com

Kelly DuMar:  www.kellydumar.com


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