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My Writing Truth & Beauty Workshop for the IWWG, March 25, 2017 in Florida
My New Chapbook, Tree of the Apple, is available for pre-order at Two of Cups Press!

Available for pre-order now at Two of Cups Press!

Kelly DuMar's TREE OF THE APPLE is now available for pre-order for only $8! https://twoofcupspress.wordpress.com/titles/

In this beautiful cycle of lamentations, Kelly DuMar follows her father through the wasteland of Alzheimer’s, tracking his failing mind with the faithfulness of a daughter and a poet. The sounds of the words as I say them, he watches, she writes, evoking the fathomless movements behind his eyes. Elsewhere, she lets him speak for himself as he gathers petals under a trellis: This is how you bend without tipping/This is how you kneel and lift a soft thing/up like a flake of cold that falls from a cloud/when it’s white all over. This is how you lose without breaking, says this book, so filled with that rare poetic sentiment: steadfast family love. At the end, all five siblings gathered around his bed, someone hits on the idea of reading David Copperfield out loud. …we take turns reading/to each other with the masterful passion of a/parent comforting a child to sleep at the end/of a day breaking. Keep this little book nearby, for its passion and its comfort, because nothing comforts like knowing you are accompanied in your sorrows. - Aimée Sands

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