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Welcome to daily nature photo and creative writing blog, #NewThisDay

Welcome to my daily nature photo blog

Writing from My Photo Stream ~ Kelly DuMar


#NewThisDay Writing From My Photo Stream

Charles River Morning

Charles River Morning

It's dark until 7:10 a.m. or so, when the sun finally rises this morning, on the day I was born; almost at the same time of day. Into the woods I walk, it's brisk and the river is black in the low light. I want to visit my father today, so he could wish me a happy birthday, as he always has. Instead I let the fiery light in the trees brighten my face as I crunch over the frost in the meadow, feeling satisfied. All the sun beaming and the yellow trees reflecting in the river are welcoming me into the world.  And the milkweed is sticky with memories of being young and at play in the woods. 

Remember how unimportant
they seemed, growing loosely
in the open fields we crossed
on the way to school. We
would carve wooden swords
and slash at the luscious trunks
until the white milk started
and then flowed. . .
— Philip Levine, Milkweed

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