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Welcome to daily nature photo and creative writing blog, #NewThisDay

Welcome to my daily nature photo blog

Writing from My Photo Stream ~ Kelly DuMar


#NewThisDay Writing From My Photo Stream

Early Morning, Boston Harbor Skyline, UMass Boston

Early Morning, Boston Harbor Skyline, UMass Boston

Late Afternoon, Charles Riverview

Late Afternoon, Charles Riverview

Up early to drive into Boston to teach workshops at the Student Day of Poetry and so I miss my early morning walk in the woods - but it's worth it. I love this chance to be in the classroom with students. I taught two 70-minute workshops I've taught many times, this time for 8th graders from Mass. area schools: Your Pictures as Poetry - Writing From Your Photo Stream. The kids were great - they listened, they asked questions, and they used my method to write from a picture on their photo streams. A few shared their pictures and poetry - which is a pretty cool risk for eighth graders to do in front of about 30 peers.

But my favorite part this time was the teachers. They too chose a photo from their cell phone photo streams and wrote. And, in my second workshop, after the students had a chance to share, two of the teachers accompanying the students raised their hands. Enthusiastically (and nervously) they shared lovely, emotionally vulnerable poems they wrote. Huge risk, yet completely appropriate. One of the teachers shared how cathartic the process had been for her. Remarkable! I was so pleased that these teachers had a chance to explore their own creativity and that they were willing to be honest and open with their students. What role modeling! What a satisfying day. The third teacher in that same class came up and thanked me. "I'll never look at a photo in the same way ever again. I'll see the world of stories inside every photo." 

So, I drove home, happy and satisfied, filled up with the nourishment a creative environment always offers. And then I took a walk in the frozen afternoon woods, and Charlie and Suzi were so happy I was home. 





UMass Boston once again hosted a Student Day of Poetry, this year on December 15.  The day included group performances, a student open-mic, and writing-generative workshops, allowing students and poets to connect through poetry on a deeper level. Workshop leaders included Aly Pierce, Danielle Jones-Pruett, Domenic Scopa, Hannah Larrabee, Heather Hughes, Jade Sylvan, Jamele Adams (Harlym1two5), Jennifer Jean, Jennifer Militello, Jonathan Mendoza, Karen Sharpe, Kate Glavin, Kelly DuMar, Lewis Reginald Morris, Margaret Young, Matt Miller, Matt Parker, M.P. Carver, MRB Chelko, Neiel Israel, Noah Burton, Princess Moon Chan, Robert Auld, Sam Cha, Sarah McCann, Shari Caplan, Stephen Haven, Taylor Mali, Tim Gager, Zachary Bos and more.  Open to middle and high school students. Please reach out to sara@masspoetry.org to make sure you receive updates and ensure a spot for your school!


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