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Welcome to daily nature photo and creative writing blog, #NewThisDay

Welcome to my daily nature photo blog

Writing from My Photo Stream ~ Kelly DuMar


#NewThisDay Writing From My Photo Stream

Saint Francois, Quadaloupe

Saint Francois, Quadaloupe

Up early, we go to play tennis in Saint Francois. After twenty minutes the massive cloud cover spreads over our heads, it pours. So we walk along the bright fish market toward a little cafe for breakfast instead.

This is my first rainy day on Quadaloupe - showers on and off all day, but still, it's warm and pleasant for swimming, so we go to one of our favorite beaches - Plage de Bois Jolan in Sainte Anne.

In between tennis and the beach, rain and sun, my daily hike involves an encounter with this stunning tropical vine growing lushly along a chain link fence of someone's yard near the cliff edge to the sea.

Such a fascinating and exciting purple and white striped tendrils of a hood veiling a yellow delicacy, exquisite as an orchid.

Word Origin and History for fervor

14c., ”warmth or glow of feeling,” from Old French fervor (ModernFrench ferveur) ”heat, 
enthusiasm, ardor, passion,” from Latin fervor ”aboiling, violent heat; passion, ardor, fury,” 
from fervere ”to boil” 

This passion flower has become my daily touchstone, a point of fascination, a meditation and reflection on how the spirit of this flower may grow in my spirit, my body, my choices, my awareness - my writing, my life.

Passiflora laurifolia, commonly known as the water lemon,[1] Jamaican honeysuckle,[1] golden bellapple,[2] pomme liane on Martinique & Guadeloupe and orange lilikoi (yellow lilikoi, or simply lilikoi, is the name given to passiflora edulis v. flavicarpa for the valley where it first grew in Hawai’i), is a species in the family Passifloraceae. It is native to tropical Americas.
— Wikivisually
Passiflora laurifolia, Island of Quadaloupe

Passiflora laurifolia, Island of Quadaloupe

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