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Welcome to daily nature photo and creative writing blog, #NewThisDay

Welcome to my daily nature photo blog

Writing from My Photo Stream ~ Kelly DuMar


#NewThisDay Writing From My Photo Stream

Sky Top View, Mohonk Mountain House

Sky Top View, Mohonk Mountain House

Last early morning swim, with gratitude, waking early, slipping easily from bed to pool. Then, I have made a plan to hike before breakfast with friends from the workshop up to Sky Top, and so, in the bright, cool morning we walk and talk without stopping. We all have so much to say to each other about our passions and devotions. On the descent, I float an idea, that we make a plan to stay connected, to meet once a month, and eagerly, we all agree. We now know each other’s plans, hopes dreams and why not stay connected to support each other? It’s our day of departure. After working indoors most of the day, we meet, circled in the sunshine of autumn and all share what we are taking, what meant the most to each of us about our days together. Then we take a walk together to a cliff, silently, integrating the work we’ve done, reminding ourselves what we’re devoted to. After hugs, after goodbyes, I drive home, thrilled, with this “10” experience. I remember how I felt in July as I really began my journey of turning 60 in a very conscious way; feeling the grief of this childrearing phase of my life truly being over, with my youngest now 21; and the gratitude of having been able to nourish and raise my three children to adulthood. And then, just really claiming these next decades, this frontier of my life after 60, this time I have to do the work I have left to do. And now, tonight, my last night of my life as a 50-something, I will wake into the age of 60 and beyond, October 26, with such intense gratitude for my life, for my friends and family, my children, my husband, my work and my health and all my skills and talents. Tonight, I am ready to let go and close the door on my 50’s. Goodnight.

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