Kelly DuMar

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Passion Flower, Martinique

As I prepare for sleep, after an evening swim under a half moon, gigantic clouds and stars speckling the sky, I realize one of the many things I love about this time in the Caribbean is that 90 percent of my day is spent outdoors.

This morning we overslept! Which means 8 a.m. before I swung open the door to the view of the sea. Overtired from a day of activity yesterday, I considered taking just a short walk up the road and back. But I cannot pass the entrance to my nature trail without going in. I crave the feeling of being surrounded by the lush leaves on the trees beside me and the canopy over my head, the feeling of being enclosed in the green, soft and silent womb. This walk that intimidated me those first few days, the landscape and trail unfamiliar, has become my own heart centered, soul place, where my body, mind and spirit crave being fed by each day.

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