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Anse des salines

A walking, a swimming, a sunning and talking day, not a writing day at all. Our friends all leaving the island ahead of us today. In the afternoon I take my walk from where we are sunning on our favorite beach on the island: Grand Anse des Salines, I round the corner and find the nature trail that crosses Petit Anse des Salines and continues on past a few beaches and a series of tranquil mangroves. Tall cacti overlook the sea here and there along the trail. This is the beach we return and return to each day and stay until sunset on much quieter beach as everyone goes home to dinner. The tourism guide warns: this beach is losing ground very quickly. It's narrow now, with plenty of shade next to the white sand. Today, we are here, and we're grateful.And the sun sets on a special trip with friends, this home away from home we have made together, talking in waves, listening and laughing until late in the sea, like children playing so nicely outside, bargaining for a little more light before heading our separate ways home after dusk.

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