Kelly DuMar

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#NewThisDay Writing From My Photo Stream

La Grande Plage de les Salines

We wake to an empty house, guests departed. We breakfast on croissants and strawberries in the sunshine of our villa. To our favorite beach, at noon, we drive, and there, we set up our beach chairs near the shade of some trees, near the shade of some trees where our friends all sat with us, where, now, they are absent. The tide is high, the sea is calm, the sun burns, the water soothes. My husband joins me for my walk on the nature trail, past the points and views, and across little beaches, in shade, and then back to our quiet peaceful time at the sea. Tonight, there is a full moon, a warm breeze and here, a poem by a Caribbean poet, Derek Walcott, a poem to close another special day, for which I am grateful, this feast.

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