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Welcome to daily nature photo and creative writing blog, #NewThisDay

Welcome to my daily nature photo blog

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#NewThisDay Writing From My Photo Stream



Before walking this morning, I read a poetry newsletter in my inbox, by Diane Lockward, her article, this week, tips on craft - some very specific ways to go through a poem draft with highlighter pens, looking at what is essential, and

As you read, use the green highlighter to mark anything that seems really good—a strong verb, a well-hewn line, a striking image or a sudden emotional leap. But be tough on the poem, demand excellence, question everything. Is that phrase really as good as it seemed when you wrote it? Is the use of alliteration charming or heavy-handed? Only give the green light to what seems best in the poem.
— Diane Lockward

I read the article and put it away, and I wasn't thinking of anything in particular, until walking near the river, thoughts about revision popped into my head, and the poem draft I wrote and shared with my poetry pals earlier in the week came into view, and I was thinking about the need to get rid of the whole thing and start over, when I suddenly had a vision for how it is connected to another poem I began drafting, very roughly, this summer in Vanessa Jiminez Gabb's poetry workshop – all having to do with the idea of being, or feeling, really, as if I'm being watched and observed by a ghost-like/God like presence at some pivotal moments. Suddenly, I saw the connection, and the impulse to pick one poem draft up and put it inside the other, and work on them as a whole piece, because the themes are so connected. This is what I saw and felt clearly, and I'm eager to actually develop this idea, but today was a family day, a social day, parties with friends and relatives, and so I will need to wait and get to it in a day or two. But I was so glad to have this vision, and it feels like finding a little present - a complicated by interesting one – I will put aside and open soon enough to see if it fits.

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