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Welcome to daily nature photo and creative writing blog, #NewThisDay

Welcome to my daily nature photo blog

Writing from My Photo Stream ~ Kelly DuMar


#NewThisDay Writing From My Photo Stream

Reading my walking stick

Reading my walking stick

A lovely, refreshing walk, out of the woods and into the meadows. As much as I love walking the wooded trails along the river from my back door, under these clouds and days of rain the woods are blooming slowly, the brooks are swamping the trails, the mud is plenty. I drive the short distance to Medfield State and all the trees are in blossom, the grass is deep and bright green. Under a cloudy sky, the meadow is cheerful, encouraging, a happy, joyful place. I take my time even though I have my Wednesday morning writer’s group - all my prep is done and I’m eager to share the prompt I’ve prepared. In the meadow I find a wonderful artifact under the grass - an ages old football. The stitches catch my eye. I stop and photograph it and walk on. But it has claimed me. I go back and root around until I find it and carry it home. I have invited the group to bring for our “altar” this week something textured, a texture they want to connect with more. I will bring my old football with its worn stitches. I have another impulse, I love my walking sticks. I’ve picked them up in the woods months ago and use them most days — I like two. I like the way they work my arms, keep my balance, give me strength, stability, a powerful stride. I like that they are made of trees and carry the messages of trees. I want more trees, more trees to stand under and be near. Our group is large today; only one absent, the room is loud and friendly and happy - the energy is high. It’s May Day, and fertility abounds. The textured items fill our altar table: fabrics and yarns and items of clothing. . .my football. Today the warm-up I give is prompted by four poems about articles of clothing or accessories that tell of a relationship. The writing, the poems and prose, that arise are deep and rich, finely textured, deeply felt, artistically expressed. As always, we go deep in each other’s presence.

Here’s where I found the poems to share in the warm-up prompt on the Poetry Archive.

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