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Welcome to daily nature photo and creative writing blog, #NewThisDay

Welcome to my daily nature photo blog

Writing from My Photo Stream ~ Kelly DuMar


#NewThisDay Writing From My Photo Stream


When a crisis is behind you, it’s time for a reset. I woke to rain and the pleasure of, once again, having my husband awake and ready to go before me with his friend to his morning meeting. I walked into the rainy woods irritable and overtired and realizing, now that he is safe and sound and the conference is behind me I can begin to orient to what has happened in just one week. It was a quiet, reflective walk of trying to listen to the grumbling, but also transform it into more of a positive outlook. I sat on the railroad trestle bridge in the rain over the rippling river and listened to the quiet and felt peace of mind. This was a morning of not being able to keep the peace of mind, but to chase it. The ferns in the rain are so full of zestful green energy. I did not get to Lady Slipper Row, but took another path and kept losing my way in my mindfulness. One minute peaceful, one minute irritable, and not yet able to clear this at the source. So, I just kept walking and letting my mind and heart do their thing. Yesterday, the start of a new poem shared last night was a pleasant distraction. I am excited to find the time this week to revise. Truly, in the woods this morning, it was forest bathing. When I found myself on this part of the trail above, I stopped, stunned by this rainy beauty of a trail. All day, this picture nourished me every time I looked again and again into it. On Instagram tonight, I saw that this picture was “liked” by someone called RainyMood. I love that! I looked at their website and found it’s an app. A RainyMood app! Apparently, many many people download their app and use it to sleep and relax and be mindful. Yes, the sound of rain is such a nourishing, comforting, even healing sound. Because, as they say on their app: “Rain makes everything better.” The perfect app for this season of April and May in New England this year. Tonight, my husband does not need the RainyMood music to sleep by. I do.

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