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Welcome to daily nature photo and creative writing blog, #NewThisDay

Welcome to my daily nature photo blog

Writing from My Photo Stream ~ Kelly DuMar


#NewThisDay Writing From My Photo Stream

Lady Slipper

Lady Slipper

Locate first the
two basal leaves like
lush and felty hips
springing and spreading
greenly open and up
from the brown paper
crumble of leaf rot
churning and clotting
beneath her bottom. . .
— Excerpt from Cypripedium Acaule (Pink Lady Slipper) ©Kelly DuMar 2013

Light rain, and I wonder if I should walk in the woods at home or drive to Medfield State, and I decide the woods. I’m walking down the path to the brook, which has receded, and past some ferns when I remember my dream from this morning. I dreamed I was wandering in the leaves and saw the green hips of the lady slipper just emerging in May. Yes, it was a dream image, and now I realized why I had chosen the woods. It’s May 5. The lady slippers will be popping up. So I followed the trail to the path my daughter and I named Lady Slipper Row, and began searching the side of the trail for the first signs of life. And, there they were: the two fleshy green “hips” rising up out of the brown leaves. I was so grateful to have a chance to see them. This morning, I still thought we would be going to the hospital tomorrow, early, for my husband’s surgery, and my dream was a sign to see them before I wouldn’t have a chance. I was also delighted to find my first dogwood tree in the meadow in bloom. The rain fell lightly all morning. I reached a part of the trail that runs between the river and the wetlands, and it was flooded. I didn’t want to turn around, so we waded through. Every part of my walk brought peace, quiet, hope, joy in the muddy woods. I was missing the ocean for some time after returning this April. But now I am deep in the woods again, watching for all the plants I know and love and trust will grow into the spring out of the soaking earth. The surgery has been postponed until Wednesday, we found out in the early afternoon. For dinner, the kids came and we had sweet conversations at dinner. The house feels lively and full of energy. My husband, at the head of the table, full of so much love he gives so freely to so many.

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