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Welcome to daily nature photo and creative writing blog, #NewThisDay

Welcome to my daily nature photo blog

Writing from My Photo Stream ~ Kelly DuMar


#NewThisDay Writing From My Photo Stream

Button Bush on the Charles

Button Bush on the Charles

Woke late. It wasn’t a drugged sleep, but if felt like one. Frank was long gone. Charlie and Suzi were ready, but patient. A deep sleep that I needed. A busy day, a very busy day ahead. Not too busy to go out. I have to go out. I go out and water and then the dogs and I go for our walk. I tune out the lists of to do’s in my head. It’s time to be here, now. The mud on our river bank is drying nicely. The button bush is in bloom. Today is Frank’s birthday. I have texted him to wish him a happy day. I want to give him a special dinner. But which of the kids is available? Be here now, Kelly. Be here now. It’s a packing and prep day. It’s a meeting on wedding issues day. It’s a celebrate Frank day and a thinking about my Play Lab day. But I walk and find the Queen' Anne’s Lace in the meadow, the tiny pinkness that I love. I want to have Queen Anne’s lace in my meadow. On my to do list! On the busiest of days, this time in the woods is so so important. I will not waste it. It’s a gift. It’s a necessity. After my walk I plan Frank’s dinner. And, after all, after a busy day, they come. They all come and we sit on the deck and celebrate his birthday. And I pack my car. The dogs are anxious. What does this mean? Are they coming? They think so. Suzi jumps in. Charlie prepares to jump in. No, they are not coming. Frank and I walk to the river in the early evening to talk over the day, all the decisions, all the plans and all the uncertainty and all the love we feel for our children who came to celebrate their father tonight. And how happy, what a good mood he has been in - nearly hitting this ten week post surgery mark, I marvel at how much he is now himself again. A buoyant mood, his spirit of optimism and positive energy and enthusiasm and zest. We have him. We’re grateful. What a blessing he is to so many.

Queen Anne’s Lace in the meadow

Queen Anne’s Lace in the meadow

My husband, Frank, today is his birthday. I took this picture of him last Sunday  by the Charles.

My husband, Frank, today is his birthday. I took this picture of him last Sunday by the Charles.

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