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Welcome to daily nature photo and creative writing blog, #NewThisDay

Welcome to my daily nature photo blog

Writing from My Photo Stream ~ Kelly DuMar


#NewThisDay Writing From My Photo Stream

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There are so many reasons to love the goldenrod. This monarch dipping into the gold is one of them this September morning in the meadow with the dogs for a long haul, a sunny and almost hot ramble down the trail in between the waist high grass. The chicory, it’s so lasting. Bluish purple and cheerful since June. And thick, tall fiery stalks of sumac under the blue sky. We went out early, and I did not yet have a poem for tonight and wondered if I’d get one, and knew I had to try, as I hate to miss Monday night or show up empty handed. Still, I would not shortcut our walk after these busy wedding days. I needed this time to reflect and witness the oncoming fall, the change in this light and my heart. As I was leaving the meadow my phone rang – my younger brother, calling to talk it all over. My chance to thank him for all his usual, exceptional, generous efforts to make a gathering at our home successful. But, another call interrupted him, and I had to take it. My best friend from teenage years was calling from North Carolina to congratulate me. It was a wonderful, delightful surprise to hear from her at this special moment. She is someone I’ll never lose, and I am someone she’ll never lose, we are sisters from a raucous beginning who have grown through so many stages and so much upheaval into graceful stability. My hilarious, crazy pal from youth. And speaking of sisters, the note and card my sister left in my room after all her efforts the day of the wedding fixing the dress for the bride, altering it by hand, the way our mother did for us on our days. My youngest asks, did your mother only teach Aunt Jo to sew? No, she taught the three of us girls, but my sisters inherited her talent, not me. The first lines of my poem came toward the end of my walk. So, I recorded them on my phone, and knew this poem would write itself if I sat down to it. And I did. Sharing it tonight in our workshop, I have to follow two brilliant poems, one by Paul and one by Jenny - exquisitely written poems. I was so happy, so happy for all the praise we heaped on Jenny - so well deserved. And then, my poem that wrote itself because I sat down to it and it was ready and wanted to be made, was a great success too. Of course, it was a wedding poem. And Tom said he didn’t realize I had such a talent for writing a humorous poem and I should write more. But that may require another flash wedding, and I don’t see another in the near future, but one never knows. The newlyweds came over twice today to transport the tables and chairs back to the rental place. They will leave soon on their honeymoon and I will miss them. I drove into Arlington and helped my youngest finish unpacking before going to poetry which is minutes away and she was grateful. She is making all of her choices about what goes where in her lovely apartment. And now she lives there. And I live here and I’m home.

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