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Let's Talk TLA with Special Guest, Storyteller Doug Lipman

A FREE Online Salon & Poetry Open Mic

Creating Experiences of Social Change through Storytelling & The Arts, featuring, Storyteller & Coach, Doug Lipman

Moderated by Kelly DuMar, Including a Poetry Open Mic!

We hope you’ll join us for our next bi-monthly TLA videoconference featuring storyteller and coach Doug Lipman, when we’ll explore Doug’s ideas about the arts and social change.

We don’t have to talk about social change to create it,” Doug says. “Instead, if we teach and perform in accordance with our values, the process moves people toward change, without relying purely on the content of what we say. Artistic processes like storytelling, singing, dancing, and poetry help us discover and express our highest values and create experiences for others that open them to their true humanity. TLA artists and activists can inspire each other to discover an enlarging web of activities that help people align themselves with currents that will help move us toward a more just, supportive, and enlightened society. The connection between process and change is helping people experience values necessary to a more just society.

Please, join us for this unique discussion and networking opportunity followed by a Poetry Open Mic. Everyone who participates in the teleconference is welcome to share an original poem. Whether you’re reading your poetry aloud for the first time, or you’re a seasoned reader, this is a chance to share your writing in the supportive presence of appreciative listeners. It’s a remarkably fun and moving experience.

Format for the videoconference:

  • Kelly will interview Doug on the call for 30 minutes - we’ll then have 10-15 minutes to ask questions & discuss TLA, your own practice, goals, or vision.
  • We’ll devote the next 15 or so minutes to the open mic poetry readings – bring an original poem to share!
  • You don’t need to be a member of TLAN or registered for a class to participate!

ABOUT DOUG LIPMAN:  In 1970, Doug was a struggling teacher of troubled adolescents. He had given up connecting with them when one day, by accident, he found himself telling them a story. They responded! Ever since, he has pursued the transformative power of storytelling. Over the decades of teaching, performing and writing, Doug has noticed how storytelling, language, and the creative process can set in motion the requisites for social change. His ongoing search for effective ways to teach the transformative power of storytelling has led to projects such as a new paradigm for coaching storytellers. To learn more about Doug, go here.

This meeting is free and open to the public, and you can join by following the links below: