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SPARKS - A Free Video-Conference Featuring True Story Theater

Sparks! with True Story Theatre

True Story Theater Troupe

True Story Theater Troupe

A Free Online Gathering for Poetry, Stories, and Songs, sponsored by the Transformative Language Arts Association

April 25, 2017   7pm CENTRAL, 8pm EASTERN

Moderated by Kelly DuMar, with special guests from True Story Theater

Sparks, formally known as Let's Talk TLA, is a free bi-monthly teleconference moderated by Kelly DuMar, TLAN Membership Chair, interviewing notable Transformative Language Artists on their work, followed by a poetry open mic.

Read more information about True Story Theater

Register in advance here to join the call on Zoom

Also, Sign Up for the Poetry Open Mic!

Bring an original poem! This unique discussion and networking opportunity will be followed by a Poetry Open Mic. Everyone who participates in the teleconference is welcome to share an original poem. Whether you’re reading your poetry aloud for the first time, or you’re a seasoned reader, this is a chance to share your writing in the supportive presence of appreciative listeners. It’s a remarkably fun and moving experience.

Format of the Gathering

  • Kelly will interview Christopher Ellinger, artistic director of True Story Theater and other members on the call for 30 minutes about their unique form of Playback Theatre..

  • We'll then have 10-15 minutes to ask questions and discuss TLA, your own practice, goals, or vision.

  • We’ll devote the next 15 or so minutes to the open mic poetry readings.

  • You don’t need to be a member of TLAN to participate!

Kelly will arrive on the video conference at 6:30 p.m. CENTRAL so you can connect early & work out any glitches!