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My Psychodrama & Writing Workshop for the ASGPP Annual Conference May 2019

To register or learn more, go    here.

To register or learn more, go here.

I’m looking forward to presenting a creative writing & psychodrama workshop as part of the 2019 ASGPP Annual Conference in Manchester, NH, Sunday, May 5, 2019 from 9:45-12:45 p.m. For more information about the conference, go here. Crafting Meaning, Truth & Beauty from Your Photo Stream: Psychodrama & Writing

The photos we save & the photos we take show what we care about and hope to preserve, what moves and mystifies us, the people, places, stories and experiences that bring meaning into our lives. In this workshop, we’ll write creatively from personal photos that arrest our attention and unpack why they do. Writing stories from photos allows us to approach our pictures as works of art – no matter the quality of the photo, we can approach them with an artist’s perception and awareness of powerful hidden meanings and revelations worthy of development into creative prose. Writing from photos allows us to express the truth of what we feel - and know - and haven’t said, as we capture the beauty and deeper meaning of an image. Each participant will bring 1-3 photos to explore, as we shape images into poetry and prose that reveals personalities, identity, relationships, conflicts, and universal truth and beauty. Participants may choose to bring photos specifically relating to current or prospective projects in poetry or prose.


Kelly DuMar is a playwright & poet who facilitates creative writing workshops for writers across the US. Her poems are published in many literary magazines, and her award-winning poetry chapbook, “All These Cures,” was published by Lit House Press in 2014. Her new chapbook, Tree of the Apple, will be published in January 2017 by Two of Cups Press. A past president of playwrights’ Platform, Boston, Kelly has been involved in facilitating new play development for many years. Her award winning plays have been produced around the US and Canada, and are published by dramatic publishers. She founded and produces the Our Voices Festival of Women Playwrights at Wellesley College, now in its 10th year, and she moderates, Let’s Talk TLA, a bi-monthly teleconference and poetry open mic for members of the Transformative Language Arts Association. Kelly serves on the board of the IWWG. Visit her website at kellydumar.com