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Aim for Astonishing Three Week Course (Online)

Aim for Astonishing Three Week Course (Online)
175.00 250.00

Register before June 5, 2109 to receive the discounted price of $175. After June 5, the prices is $250.

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Join me live

for this three week photo-inspired creative writing

course (online):

Three Thursday Evenings, June 13, June 20, June 27, 2019

7:30-9:30 p.m. (Eastern)

LIVE Via Zoom Videoconferencing with Kelly DuMar

COST: Register now for a special $175 price. Early bird 30% discount expires June 5, 2019. Price is $250 after June 5.

Reserve your spot now. Registration is limited.

  • Have you been considering taking a risk to explore your creative writing?

  • Are you overwhelmed with all the choices of workshops?

  • Or, are you unsure which one will be the right fit for your level of experience?

You know you want to strengthen your creative life, but you don't want to waste your time. You want an expert facilitator you can trust, and you want concrete results. When we're stepping into new territory or committing to growth, we want to be able to count on having a valuable, satisfying, experience.

So, I recently asked one of my writing groups to share the value of their experiences of my photo inspired workshops. I hope their encouragement will inspire you to join my three-week Aim for Astonishing Workshop (online) that starts on June 13. Keep in mind: this writing group consists of writers at varying levels of experience.

Here's what participants are experiencing:

Kelly's workshops using photos and artistic mediums are a great way to reveal juicy stories behind the story. I can't recommend her enough! You will not be disappointed.

My career has been specifically void of any creative writing. When Kelly invited me to join a writing group 4 years ago that used photos to write from, I was intrigued as I had recently found very old photos of my work in Cambodia. I don't think any other process would have brought out the deep insights, memories and tears of reflection that her process allows me to uncover.

Kelly’s strategies for eliciting deep material from photographs continue to be very effective for me. Family photos that I always loved are enhanced by the deeper feelings revealed through poetry.  

Kelly facilitates sanctuaries where writers can experience the individuality and uniqueness of their own expressions and thereby reconnect to their innate power of creation. The effects go way beyond written or spoken words, reverberating through all aspects of life.

Kelly is an amazing mentor. . . she creates a supportive atmosphere of respect and encouragement where we can experiment and develop the strength of our own writing styles.

Kelly's workshop process expands both the range and depth of the themes I tackle in my writing. Her facilitation skills keep our group on track and, at the same time, allow each member to fully participate. . .  I appreciate Kelly's magic touch.

Kelly is a masterful teacher who can guide the participants into transforming challenging life experiences into a work of art that may not only heal the writer but the reader as well.

I hope you’ll register now for this space limited course. Here's my guarantee: You’ll discover that writing from your personal photos will be creatively stimulating, personally transformative, surprising and gratifying. I look forward to writing with you.

Upon registration, you will immediately receive a ZOOM link to our live session on June 13 and a link to the course introduction.

Aim for Astonishing Three Week Course (Online)
175.00 250.00

Register before June 5, 2109 to receive the discounted price of $175. After June 5, the prices is $250.

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