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Welcome to daily nature photo and creative writing blog, #NewThisDay

Welcome to my daily nature photo blog

Writing from My Photo Stream ~ Kelly DuMar


#NewThisDay Writing From My Photo Stream

Menemsha Morning

Menemsha Morning

Sand Art

Sand Art

Day of departure, give

praise and give thanks

for sand and a sea

for tides – even this dolphin

for death and decay

driftwood, rocks, vultures

water, salted, and

shells, roses, bricks

balance, brook of fresh

water, stones, seaweed and fog

sun, sky, sailboats and clouds

of islands, horizons

feet, legs, eyes, lungs, breath

for companions, for solitude

rain, wind, gulls, geese 

every fishbone and weed

every washing ashore, this

improvisation, this scatter, this

presence, for art made, for art

witnessed, by chance, luck, and grace

All photos and text copyright Kelly DuMar

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