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Welcome to daily nature photo and creative writing blog, #NewThisDay

Welcome to my daily nature photo blog

Writing from My Photo Stream ~ Kelly DuMar


#NewThisDay Writing From My Photo Stream


I walked without enthusiasm, reached the river, to be stunned by the split sky, clouds and clear blue over the Charles and that cheered me up. Only for a little while. I was overtired and grumbly. Too many activities running through my head, not enough sleep, and a crabby exchange with my husband leftover from yesterday. Unlike us. I walked today to undo the knot in my stomach. Finding the wood anemones and the sprinkle of purple heart petals had its charms on me. The river, split like that, like my mood from one moment to the next. I tripped over some broken branches cluttering the trail, fell hard, the dogs concerned and I was fine, of course. Shake it off. Breathe. Quite a few cheerful things happened today and I helped a writer who reached out to me through my daughter to tweak her short essay, and also, this week, another writer, friend of the same daughter, reached out for help with his short prose piece, and I was delighted to help both of her friends. My father never said no to helping a friend I sent his way for wise career council. A writer I work with gave me an exquisite compliment. I did not take a second walk to the river. I rode for an errand with my husband and the grumbling lifted. The clouds cleared through this day, inside and out.

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