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Welcome to daily nature photo and creative writing blog, #NewThisDay

Welcome to my daily nature photo blog

Writing from My Photo Stream ~ Kelly DuMar


#NewThisDay* Writing From My Photo Stream

Notes on this day ~ February 18, 2017

First, we cross the narrow strip of land connecting Grande Terre to Basse Terre. We think we're going to go on a long hike in the rainforest, and bathe in a waterfall.

We meet distractions: First, we get a little lost in a vast shopping mall in Pointe a Pitre, we buy t-shirts, have coffee and croissants. 

We stop for photo opps all along our route, the spectacular views of this highway that encircles the edge of the island where land meets sea.

There is a delightful place to stop for a tour - La Maison du Cacao, and Stella is our taste tester. After we view the cacao beans on the vine, we must taste her mix of hot chocolate, straight from the vine. She instructs us in the art of making chocolate from cacao as we taste many bits of superior product.

On to the rainforest hike But first, some rest on a beautiful beach! Naps! Swimming! The sea is vigorous and hot. We are refreshed and ready for lunch - except we have missed lunch, in this French Island they observe strict French mealtimes. We settle for baguette, yogurt, fresh tomatoes. We are refreshed! On to the rainforest hike! 

But first - there is a municipal tennis court with views to the sea! A set of doubles in the blinding sun overlooking the sparkling Caribbean, with sounds of the roosters, the chickens in the yard behind us.

Now it is truly time for the rainforest, but we will have to skip the long hike and hope for a dip in the waterfall to refresh before darkness, at 6, descends.

We take the highway into the rainforest. We're tourists, the locals speed by us. It's growing dark, there's no denying this, but we have arrived at the path to the waterfall. It's light enough to see our way to the little pool, the rush and joy of the water - we bathe in the sounds of the rainforest going to night. It's cool and fresh. By flashlight, we make our way back to our rental car in the vacant parking lot. Somehow, inexplicably, the back window has smashed. We clean up the glass. We make our way home to the villa in Grande Terre and I sleep. I sleep. And dream of the rainforest.



All photos and text copyright Kelly DuMar 2017

* This entry of photos was taken on February 18 but not composed into this blog until early morning on February 19